You Cure Your Diabetes


Charlie Masison - International Diabetes Expert




         You have found YOU CURE YOUR DIABETES! You will discover how thousands of diabetics have reversed the so-called "incurable" condition, and without dieting, exercise, expensive medicines, or recipes.


         You will cure your own body, with us helping you, of course. Each of you  will now find how thousands of diabetics have rid themselves of diabetes. The four different types of diabetics will be cured. It helps that we have the American that was the first to rid himself of diabetes, Mr. Charlie Masison. Whatever form of diabetes each of you has, there will be a program for you. As you know, diabetes is the number one cause of blindness in America, and it also is large for kidney failure, and having amputations. We want to get you started as soon as possible, so that disease doesn't have a large gain on you.


        Charlie, the first American, and perhaps the first anywhere, achieved curing himself of diabetes six years ago. You will be taught how to duplicate his victory.


        Hi. I am Charlie, I was a diabetic that was discovered when taking a yearly physical. I had a glucose number of 146, when it should have been 120 or less.


        After 6 months, my # was worse at 181, and many thought I belonged in a hospital.


        As a graduate from MIT with training in the scientific method similar to medical techniques, I developed hypotheses and tried them out in my lab, my body. I invested 5 months analyzing world diabetes research, so that I could find the cure. The Australians had a huge research of over 700 foods, and 2000 testers who identified 25 bad foods that caused diabetes. I was on their track of researching food. I was sure that they were close to the cause. I decided not to eat any of the "Bad Foods." It took several additional months but I was sure that food was the answer to what is the cause. I tested and my # was 117. I was no longer a diabetic. What a thrill! Not only for myself but as an aide to others, if I can reach them. I wrote the 111 page "Rid Yourself of Diabetes" in 2003 that had the "Bad Foods" and the "Good Foods" lists, and selected about a dozen of the Balch's supplements. In 2004, I wrote "Winning the Fight Against Diabetes" with 191 pages, with further help in bringing people to a cure.


        This web site cures both adults and children. There are 1.4 million new American diabetics every year. There are 340,000 of that amount are children. Charlie has recently written a book for Mothers, "Your Guide To Prevent or Reverse Diabetes in Children." It is Available in Products for you.